Learn the Art of Taekwondo at Our Adelaide Academy

Taekwondo is one of the most revered forms of martial arts being taught in today’s society. With a skillset that covers a range of elements in combat and places an emphasis on discipline, respect and self-worth, it is one of the best ways for a person to enhance their levels of confidence and sporting ability in a manner that is fun, engaging and highly welcoming.

At First Taekwondo, we care about all our students and work to develop areas in which they feel they can improve. The style differs from other methods such as Muay Thai, karate, and even other taekwondo schools, as there is a special emphasis placed on self defence techniques aimed at neutralising attackers. The method we teach places an emphasis on reaction power and the ability to defend one’s self in any unfortunate situation. Our Adelaide academy operates across a host of locations in the southern and northern suburbs.

The benefits of taekwondo

This martial art technique provides a host of benefits for students that stretch further than just learning the art and boosting their sporting ability. Some of the benefits of taekwondo include:

  • Improved Self-Confidence: We aim to teach students to improve their levels of self-confidence in a combat situation, something they can take into their daily life.
  • Improved Discipline: One of the key components of taekwondo is learning the valuable skill of self-discipline. The training methods ensure that the student reaches a high level of discipline, and this is something we place a great amount of emphasis on at First Taekwondo.
  • Self-Defence: It has never been more important to learn valuable methods of self-defence in order to ensure the safety of you and others during an unfortunate occurrence. The techniques of combat taught at First Taekwondo will improve the student’s ability to defend themselves and others if an unwanted event occurs.
  • Sporting Prowess: The student will see their sporting abilities increase dramatically as their level of fitness, coordination, endurance and power are further developed.

Contact us to book a class

If you would like to get book into a class with one of our highly skill and experienced trainers, or would like to find out more about the taekwondo classes we teach, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff. We even provide kids’ classes, as we believe this is a great way for kids to learn an useful skill whilst improving their self-confidence and respect.

Call 0411 831 650 to chat with one of our staff about joining the team here at First Taekwondo.