Kids Taekwondo Classes in Adelaide

One of the great ways for your child to learn the importance of athletic power and self-discipline is to enrol them in First Taekwondo classes. Whilst First Taekwondo takes on students of all ages, we place an emphasis on getting youth involved early so that they can progress naturally with this valuable skillset. The art of taekwondo places an importance on the practice of self-discipline, a skill your child can take with them as they grow. As well as the valuable skill of discipline your child will also enhance their levels of self-respect and confidence, not to mention the athletic benefits for children.

Our Adelaide academy welcomes any new kids and brings them into the team from the get-go. We understand that joining a new class can be confronting for a child, and we ensure that our students and instructors make them feel as comfortable as possible so that can get started on undertaking the awesome art of taekwondo. Our children train alongside adults but are catered to by the instructors, and often given focused training with assistant instructors ensuring a high standard in their technique – ensuring they are never overwhelmed and individual needs are always considered.

What we emphasise at our academy

For our kids’ classes, we work around the notion that all kids are different and may need to work on a particular area that comes into the elements of taekwondo. First Taekwondo differs from that of karate, other martial arts forms, and even other Taekwondo schools, by placing a great degree of importance on a series of codes and principles. These principles, including self-respect, manners and discipline. All are taught, however we may place a special emphasis on a particular one depending on your child’s requirements. You will see the benefits of taekwondo for your child and it’s great for parents too, as one of the key facets of the art is obeying one’s parents (it’s a win-win!).

We also hold the belief that training kids to develop the art of taekwondo can have positive benefits for schooling and other sporting disciplines. Kids will also take their levels of confidence, manners and self-discipline to their school and this will help greatly with their education. After all, Australian kids love playing footy, cricket, soccer among other sports, and we love to help them improve their sporting abilities as a whole through learning this martial art method.

Contact us to enrol your child

If this sounds like something you think your kid would love to be a part of, and something you would be happy for them to join, feel free to get in contact with the friendly team of professionals at First Taekwondo. We’re always happy to bring new kids into our program, so give us a call on 0411 831 650 and we can have a chat about bringing your child into our friendly and enjoyable program.