First Taekwondo Merchandise

  • First Taekwondo Uniforms, Belts, T shirts and Tank Tops are used for training to suit the various seasons
  • They are manufactured to the highest standards and are provided to practitioners at value for cost prices
  • This service allows new members easy access to a complete professional school, eliminating the need to search for equipment to train
  • Long Sleeve T Shirts and Hooded Tops are also available for casual wear and First Taekwondo Club events
  • Affordable quality is an accurate description of First Taekwondo garments
  • A wide variety of First Taekwondo merchandise is also produced for our members. Items range from sports caps to coffee mugs.
    Please see the photos of general merchandise or request a stock list from your Instructor view the full variety
  • Please request an order form from your Instructor should you wish to purchase any of the merchandise items


Standard T Shirt

Standard Tank Top

Black Belt Master Class T Shirt

Black Belt Master Class Tank Top

Standard Long Sleeve T Shirt

Standard Hoodie

Black Belt Master Class Long Sleeve T Shirt

Black Belt Master Class Hoodie

General Merchandise

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